Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheap, It's the New Expensive

Even though I work at a boutique that sells $150 jeans, I am a firm believer that when you are young and in your experimental fashion days you do not need expensive items. In fact, when you shop at moderately priced shops there are a greater selection of fun items. Now, as you get older and start buying more classic items it makes the difference to invest in high quality items because they last, but that is for a later blog. When you are young and shopping the trends its not worth spending your whole pay check (or your parents) on something that will be out next month. As an example, I searched high and low for the brown boots that are so in this season, and where did I find my perfect pair? Target, $24. Yup, that's right. And they are adorable, plus I can walk in the snow and not have to worry about ruining them!

My favorite example happened this holiday season, when I fell in love with a maroon and white striped dress from H&M. I wore it to my families holiday party where it brought in the compliments and it was my secret that it only cost $35! To my surprise though, and this is the best part, the next week I saw a picture of the fantastic Michelle Obama wearing the exact same dress to a social event! I compared our matching dress above, exactly the same, and both adorable. I am a huge fan of Mrs. Obama, she's a smart, confident woman but she is also extremely chic. She can mix high-end fashion classics with more affordable trend items from locations like J.Crew, White HouseBlack Market and H&M. Through her timeless style she shows the American public that you can wear more affordable items and look better than some celebrities on the red carpet!

Fashion is inspired by high-end designers, but trend forward chains like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and H&M use these inspirations to provide affordable options. At this age there is no need to buy expensive items, your still developing your style! What you consider in one day is out the next, so have fun with more affordable alternatives.

Happy saving!

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Marianna said...

love the dress, and i totally agree with you- no need to splurge when you're still young! just keep your eyes open and there are plenty of great finds at affordable prices