Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get a Hobby!

Question: When at a party what makes one person more interesting than other?
Answer: What they do in their free time.

So how does one become the most interesting life of the party? Get a hobby!! I love to knit, dance, and exercise and through these activities I not only meet people but it allows me to relate with people I've just met. My mom has a green thumb and loves to be out in her garden, while her BFF dyes gorgeous silk scarves in her free time. Everyone has something they love to do, and that's what makes you interesting! But how do you know what you're good at? Try lots of different activites! Not sure where to start? Here is an abbreviated list to start with:

-Arts and crafts: Painting, drawing, jewelery making, knitting (as my talented friend and fellow knitter is in the picture above), or scrap booking.
-Cook: Try new recipes, bake, or cake decorating
-Writing: Journal, write a book, or start a blog!
-Exercise: Hit the gym, run, play a team sport, walk your dog, dance, or try yoga.
-Outdoors fun: Garden, camp, hike, or get a group to play frisbee.
-Philanthropy: Clean up local parks, help at soup kitchens, or donate your time at a YMCA.

These are my favorite, but everyone is different! The website has a great list to get started from. Are you a very social person? Get some friends together and do these together, or take a class at a dance studio and meet some new friends. More of a homebody? Me too. Try an individualized hobby such as photography, better yet take a class to force yourself to get out and meet new people! Community colleges offer beginning foreign language classes, that way you can meet new people who are in the same boat as you and you can hang out and study together!

Yes, I love to knit, I knit on the subway on my way to class, in between classes, at lunch and yes my friends due tease me about it. But, it's a great conversation starter! I just laugh with everyone else, yes ok I know it's a grandmotherly hobby but my scarves look cooler than everyone else's. The key to confidence is to not care what other people think of you, so what some not-so-cool kids may tease you for your hobby? They are just jealous they aren't as talented, therefore their opinion doesn't matter. Your true friends will love that you have an interesting talent and appreciate you for it, they may even share your passion! So get out there and learn something new!

Until next week!

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