Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trend Alert

As spring approaches, so does the warm weather. I know, we thought it would never come, we grit our teeth at the psychic ground hog but now it's time to celebrate! Soon we will enjoy the blooming flowers, the sun on our necks and the iced green tea, we just need a bit more patience.

But wait! What does this mean for our wardrobes? In this state of the economy what is a recessionista suppose to do? I bring good news- during a time of economic downturn the first thing to come to a halt is fashion. We have less money, we can't afford a plethora of new spring ensembles, therefore there aren't many new trends.

So as you are cleaning out your closets keep your gladiator sandals, white dresses, scarves and headbands! These trends are here to stay (at least for a while). Then what is new for spring? Color! and lots of it! Gorgeous apple greens, royal purples, bold turquoise, and bright pinks are being mixed with neutrals like white, black, navy, and brown. My colorful coworker and I are pictured above in some spring trends, turquoise shirt, nautical stripes, and bold combinations will be all the rage.

--Side note: Neutrals can and should be worn together, black, brown, navy, white and grey are neutrals and harmonize perfectly together. Don't listen to "fashion gurus" who claim otherwise--

Don't feel like spending cash like it's going out of style? You're not alone and businesses are aware of that. Big corporations and small are knocking off prices and holding sales to get rid of their left over merchandise. Some companies, such as J.Crew (popular for the Gossip Girl style) even offers 15% off your total purchase for students with their school ID. Next time you are out with your shopping buddies look around for the best deals. A great way to save money is buying trendy colors in classic styles and vice verse. Example- Button up shirts are a classic for every wardrobe, make it stylish but purchasing it in a bold orange or violet. Want the gladiator sandals that are so popular? Buy them in a classic brown and you can wear them even when the trend is out of style.

And as always, shopping in trend forward affordable stores such as H+M, Target, and Forever 21 are a great way to save on trend items.

Keeping you stylish!

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