Friday, April 3, 2009

DIY: Blair Waldorf Style

Who was spotted glued to televisions Gossip Girl Monday night? No other than fashion blogger, Juliana. It looks to me as if someone was coveting Lily's Birkin bag.

I would love to say I only watch Gossip Girl for the fashion, but I admit I totally get sucked into the drama of it as well. As one of the most popular t.v. shows of the moment though, trends originate on this set and main character Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) is showcasing them all. We have Gossip Girl to thank for plaid coming back, pleated skirts, sweater vests and the height of school girl chic- the headband.

Blair Waldorf is know for her bold bands that have extra touches of bows, rhinestones, and my favorite, feathers. Coveting this major trend I googled high and low and finally found Jennifer Ouellette who is Blair's headband designer, yes she has a headband designer. To my shock, her hair accessories sell any where from $50-75 and this reccessionista just wont shell out that kind of cash for a simple accessory.

So what did I do? Headed to my nearest CVS and bought a set of three Conair brown and black head bands for $4 dollars, then I went to my local craft store and in their floral department found a bunch of feathers totalling $5. Once I was home I pulled out my hot glue gun (super glue would work as well) and went to work!

In the picture above I'm showing off the end result, adorable isn't it? And I now have three fantastic headbands for $9, which works out to $3 each! Now that is worth gossiping about. And if the fantastic price isn't enough, an added benefit is that you won't have to deal with the horror of someone wearing the same headband as you.

Now you don't have to do just feathers either, play around with some ribbon, bows, and jewels. The more the merrier, and from what I can tell this trend isn't going anywhere.

You know you love me,

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