Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashionably Philanthropic

What is classier than donate to those less fortunate, that is why this week I have to send kudos to Naperville boutique, Twist. Owner Kelly Kirch is supporting Hesed House, a shelter, food pantry, and soup kitchen in Aurora, IL by asking for donations from her shoppers. The best part? You get a discount for you donate, and this recessionista thinks that’s a fantastic idea.
Known for their fantastic selection of denim and top-notch customer service Twist will be collecting gently used men’s and women’s denim and offering 20% off one item for every pair you bring in. Still holding on to those super faded jeans from years past? Bring them in and use your fashion for a good cause! And the more give the more you get, bring in three pairs of jeans get three items 20% off! Now that’s a great deal.

The discount is only offered when you bring in denim, as Kelly found out that’s what Hesed House needs the most but feel free to bring in any other tops as well. This fantastic denim exchange will be going on through the month of April and depending on how many jeans they receive possibly May as well.

To learn more you can visit Twist on Facebook under the name Twist Naperville or e-mail Kelly at I can’t wait to go clean out my closet and see what I can bring.

Spread the good karma!

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