Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Fashion Tips of the Shop Girls

We all have those "Oh No!!" fashion moments, and here are a few tips to calm the crisis.

I LOVE facts like these and have many more to give periodically, have a tip you love? Email it to me at

"When you spill wax on your clothes and it wont pull off, lay the garment on the ironing board and put a scrap piece of fabric over the waxy area. Set your iron on the lowest possible setting and slowly rub it over, once its a bit warm remove the scrap fabric and try to pull it off"

"When tights rip or have a run in them and you don't have time to change, put a coat of clear nail polish over it and it won't run further."

"For the unfortunate event when you get gum in your hair, rub a little peanut butter on it before you reach for the scissors and it should come right out."

"If your shoes are leather and a bit snug, dab some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub that on the inside of the shoe. Then, where them around the house with some thick socks and they should fit like a glove."

"If the sales girl tells you the jeans will stretch, or if they have 2% or more elastin they will stretch so buy them a size smaller- you won't regret it."

"To have reach-your-eyebrow eyelashes heat your eyelash curler for a few seconds before you crimp and then hold on your lash for ten seconds. After, twirl on your mascara and do a quick extra squeeze before the mascara dries."

"When you break a heel of a shoe Gorilla Glue works wonders. It's what they use in construction and so it's meant to hold."

"Dipping a liner brush in water and dabbing it in black eyeshadow lasts longer than liner alone."

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