Saturday, May 2, 2009

Your Tailor: Your New Best Friend

Most jeans are made with a 33 inch inseam, causing a common dilemma among the population of jeans that are way to long. So what are your options, well you could just wear them as is causing a very passe ripped up appearance along the back hem. Or, you could try the 31 inch petite fit which is often to short and unless you are 5'2, don't fit quite right in the waist. Or the only option I would consider (if I was lucky enough to have jeans that were long enough) would be to discover the best tailor around and get them taken up.

Women make a big to do of the difficulty of hemming, but it's an investment in your closet which is an investment in yourself so it's worth it. Perfectly hemmed jeans are so much more flattering because you don't get the huge break at the ankle like you do with long jeans. Working in a denim boutique I have heard many many horror stories of jean ruining tailors, so ask around to find the best. Often boutiques have a tailor they suggest, for example in Naperville everyone recommends Ted on Main Street because he offers the best prices and the best quality. Websites like also are a great way to find tailors because happy and unhappy clients can post their review (it's also a great way to find fun boutiques). Search to see what they think of the tailors "regular hem" and "tricky hem" which are the two most common, regular hem is when they simply cut and sew and the tricky hem is when they cut and save the original hem and sew it back on after they cut the jeans to your desired length. The picture above shows a regular hem since you can't see the rough edge that is on the original pair.
And don't stop at jeans, I recently found a dress on sale at the cutest boutique in Boston, poor little rich girl, but it was a large. At only $33 I figured it would be worth it to buy it and just get it taken in, and now it fits perfectly! Just a word of caution, if you will be hemming something you throw in the washer like jeans or a cotton summer dress wash them and dry them before you head to the tailor because they will shrink. I know so many people who have had jeans shrink in the wash after having them tailored, and when you invest in a good pair of jeans that's truly heartbreaking.
And don't let me hear you complaining about having to hem jeans, because as all us tall girls know you can always make jeans shorter but you can't make them longer!
Happy Tailoring!