Friday, July 24, 2009

A Scent to Remember

It's a good time to be a perfume this days, Issey just created his "A Scent" fragrance, J.Lo is advertising her new version of Glow "Now influenced by motherhood"(whatever that means), and Viktor Rolf is adding a new scent to their collection. Always ones to jump on a trend bandwagon Revlon- wait hold on, Revlon?- yes Revlon has come up with scented nail polish. Oh yes, I'm quite serious the scents including Coconut Crush, Mad about Mango, Pretty in Papaya, Raspberry Rapture, Passionate Fruit, No So-Blue-berry and Sublime Strawberry. Cosmopolitan claims the $4.79 polish is "subtly sweet" and will last for a few days.

I'll be honest with you, for some reason anything other than your basic glossy polish gives me the creeps. OPIs new matte collection is definitely not one I'll be brushing on my nails, especially since you can't wear lotion while wearing it, and this scented polish is not my thing either.

I'm interested in hearing what you all think though.
Keep me posted,

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Bug said...

I have never heard of or used scented nail polish. Does the scent really last a long time. Neat!