Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashionable and Philanthropic

As October is right around the corner, actually its tomorrow, I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it my favorite month when you can enjoy your knits and jeans but it’s also breast cancer awareness month and a perfect time to donate to a deserving cause. I wanted to bring awareness to this cause because it touches more people than anyone can imagine, and it’s a chance to find inner strength and hope.
This past weekend Chicago hosted the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk, and filled the gray city with bursts of empowering pinks, and now as October arrives many shops are giving you the chance to make a change. Just today I saw is selling a $2 pink and silver bracelet where 100% of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for the cure, and on top of the they will give you a $5 coupon for your next $25 purchase. Another way to donate is to that sells everything from Visors to socks as well as home and office gifts. The "Empowerment" t-shirt is one of my favorites, and at only $15 it’s and easy and affordable way to give to this fantastic cause.
If you’re thinking “you know, that last thing I need is another tchotchke” then go to and make a donation from $5 to $100, every little bit makes a difference.

And what’s more stylish than benefiting a deserving cause?
It’s what Audrey Hepburn would do.

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