Friday, September 4, 2009

Seattle Style

Well fashionistas tomorrow I am off to the land of wellies and polar fleece. While I can't wait to pull on my forest green Hunter Rain Boots, I'm a bit nervous I'll fall into the fashion void that is Seattle. Will I come back wearing socks with flip flops? I hope not.

I do love packing for vacation, although with all these sweaters I can barely lift my suitcase down the stairs, maybe this just means I need to do some more strength building.

Anyway, while searching the Internet for Seattle Appropriate fashion I found this absolutely adorable blog called and just had to share it. They have all things Chic in Seattle, but they also showcase other destinations. I love the umbrellas on one of the more recent posts.
Well I have a bunch more suitcase editing to follow through with, I have that 50 pound weight limit daunting me, but I want to know all the place you suggest I stop at in Seattle!

Any recommendations?

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