Friday, November 6, 2009

The September Issue

What little girl doesn’t dream about being pictured in the pages of Vogue? Well I went to taste a piece of this dream at Landmark Theaters showing of “The September Issue”, and let me just say it made me lust over the magazine even more. I have always held Anna Wintour (pictured above with daughter Bee) to high esteem; she was the first editor to put a black model on the cover of the September Issue, she was the one who started putting celebrities on the cover and every year she out does herself with the quality of the publication and this movie only elevated her power. This fantastic documentary shows the human side of Ms. Wintour, how she faces people daily who mock her job and the important decisions she makes every day that can change the future of fashion. This film also does a good job showing the funny side of fashion focusing on Andre Leon Talley tennis get up- Louis Vuitton towel, water case, tennis racket cover as well as a watch whose price tag wouldn’t fit in this post. Fashion is a serious business and Anna Wintour is the head of it, by choosing what fashion spreads are focused she decides what trend is in and what’s out. If you have any interest in working in publications- or any fashion job for that matter- this movie cannot be missed. In fact, if you wear clothes you should see this movie. It’s educational, fashionable, and will have you talking about it for days.

I give it five stars.


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