Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must See: Man Shops Globe

We all know my dedicated love to the Anthropologie lifestyle, so when I discovered their new show was available on OnDemand I jumped for joy. Shown on the Sundance channel “Man Shops Globe” is about Keith, one of the Anthropologie buyers, who searches the world to find unique items for Anthro and their galleries. Initially traveling to Australia Keith discovers a woman who creates cardboard art work, such as the chandelier shown here which was showcased in their gallery at the Rockefeller location. He then travels to Sweden and finds this adorable old woman who makes gnomes and explains “the gnomes, they live here, we are together”.

Being in the retail industry you’ll also love to watch his buying process, in the Sweden episode he explains that “being a buyer is also being an editor” which is so incredibly true and why Anthropologie is such a unique shopping destination. This show not only makes you want to stop into the location nearest you but it also sparks an urge to travel. The cinematography of each episode shows the destinations best features, in Australia the beautiful water and ocean is showcased and while in Sweden he shows the foggy roads in the morning and the gorgeous rich forests.

This show is without a doubt a must see.
if your are fortunate enough to have the Sundance channel you can watch it on
Wednesdays at 10pm.
If, like me, you don’t have this luxury channel you can catch up with
Comcasts OnDemand or watch it online at


OldLadyChic said...

Man I really wish I had this channel! It might be time to upgrade my cable just so I can see this. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Love yours!

Juliana said...

Oh your more than welcome! And you should be able to view it online to- I would try on Hulu!