Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Product Junkie: One Bar Wonder

Growing up with a mother who has a passion for beauty products, my bathroom was always full of beautiful tubes, jars, and powders. Now, I have a love for all things cosmetic and have an open mind for trying anything which is how I stumbled upon J.R. Liggett's bar of shampoo. I recently was told that a big movement in the green community is to switch from bottles to bars because there's less packaging and therefore creates a greener product, so I skeptically grabbed my bar of shampoo and hoped in the shower.

I'm going to be honest with you- I didn’t like this product when I first tried it, I lathered up my hair with it twice and then conditioned and it left my hair feeling a bit rough. The next time I tried it though I let my hair relish in some jojoba oil before I showered and it made a world of a difference, my hair felt absolutely luxuriously green! If your doing an updo but need to wash your hair, use J.R. Liggett's without jojoba oil and you'll get that great texture needed to hold up any style. The shampoo is made of natural vegetable oils instead of harsh chemicals, and it’s a great option if your vegan, vegetarian or just animal friendly.

Traveling? Double duty items are a necessity to keep your luggage light and this one bar wonder also makes a great shaving soap for you and you beau. I haven’t gotten to the best part yet, this shampoo is only $6.99 yes that’s right, $6.99 try to think of the last time you spent under $7 for shampoo. Their products can be purchased online, in health food stores like Whole Foods, and camping and outdoor stores.

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