Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tresor Intimates

Bra shopping is hard, let’s not joke around, and with mass marketers such as Victoria’s Secret hiring untrained high school girls there isn’t much hope. That is until you meet Christina Kalsan of Tresor Intimates of downtown Naperville, who can not only find your true size but also offer you a wide array of bras, panties, shapewear and pajamas.
The wonder of Tresor is that there is a bra for every price rage and every level of modesty as Kalsan offers simple t-shirt bra’s to lingerie perfect for your honeymoon.

Ever since they’ve opened their doors my mother and I have been huge fans of Tresor Intimates due to the fact that we are both hard to fit. Being a 32C no chain stores offer my size, and Tresor not only offers my size but in a large selection of colors and styles as well! Kalsan also offers a wide selection for you busty gals as well, making this a must stop shop.

For more information visit:
Or stop in:
20 E. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville, IL 60540

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Halleluiah Jojoba

Want the cure all for your beauty ailments?
Pure jojoba oil from Aura Cacia brand.

This beauty bargain (priced around $12) is available online at as well as the Whole Foods nearest you. Made from cold pressed all natural jojoba oil, this miracle product fixes dry hands, feet, and elbows and calms irritated skin when combined with your face cream. Either fill a tub with hot water and add of table spoon of jojoba oil or simply massage it onto your problem areas and you’ll reap the benefits.

Personally, I use Aura Cacia oil on my hair. An hour before shower time I massage it into my scalp and dry ends and let it sit in a pony tail while doing some household chores. As it sits it not only strengths my hair to avoid split ends but it also eliminates frizz, gets rid of dandruff, and creates a gorgeous shine.

Once in the shower simply shampoo twice and condition as usual- then take the real test, let your hair air dry! You’ll kiss frizz good bye and cancel the dehydrating effects of the summer sun.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Feel the love, it's genuine"

So, I have recently fallen in love. Not with a boy (as we know I’m already dating Edward Cullen and Finn from Glee) but with a Buddy! While reading my current favorite style blogger selective potential I noticed an adorable picture of Tieka sitting on her Genuine Scooter Buddy and now I have to have one!!

I’m leaning towards the mint, but I’m always a fan of powder blue- thankfully I have time while I try to raise the $1,999 for the 50cc or $2,699 for the 125cc (once I figure out what that means…).

Buddy scooters come with fun seat covers, baskets, trunks or a windshield if you’re interested. And you’ll look absolutely adorable zooming around town with your Buddy.

For more information or to get your own visit their website:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Downtown Naperville Offers New Boutique

Elated that a women’s boutique has opened up downtown Naperville instead of another restaurant, I stopped into Naperville’s new shop Bella Caley. Owned by husband and wife team Chris and Cindy Meals Bella Caley offers a wide variety of merchandise from clothing to home d├ęcor, and they are a breath of fresh air on a street of restaurant after restaurant.

Visiting on their opening day, I was able to meet the owners, employees, and scoop out their product. I was pleased with their jewelry, candle selection, and home goods but was left wishing for something different in regards to clothing. Offering a mix of dresses, coats, and skirts their clothing was young, flouncy, and seemed out of touch with the needs of Naperville women. I would definitely recommend Bella Caley as a destination shop for hostess, birthday, and Christmas gifts but until they provide clothing more in touch with their customer I’ll be buying my clothing elsewhere.

For more information visit Bella Caleys: