Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nathalie Lete at Anthropologie

Known for her sculpture and expressionist work, Nathalie Lete has now teamed up with Anthropologie to bring her whimsical artwork to life.
Her collection can be viewed on and while her one of a kind items pack a pricey punch her dresses are much more reasonable. After studying fashion design Lete worked with Miyake and Lagerfeld and now she is putting her personal twist on home fashion, dresses, and skirts at Anthropologie.

The duo is a match made in whimsy heaven and I would expect to see this partnership last. This current collection can only be purchased on their website, but my guess is that her next line will be available at flagship stores across the country.

To view more of her childhood inspired collection click the links below:
Pigment Canvas Dress
Steamed Sweetbriar Dress
Flight Round The Garden Skirt
First Dance Dress

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ebay: New items on sale!

I just added new items to my Ebay Account! Check them out here:

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mila Rose Designs

As a big supporter of local business, I knew I had to write about these headbands as soon as I saw them! While scouring I stumbled upon Mila Rose Designs and loved their wide variety of handmade goodies.

Primarily offering headbands, Melissa and Laura also have a selection of necklaces, hair clips, and crochet items. No matter your style this duo has something for you, I love the bold statement of the Alice headband pictured here but they also have a selection of quieter pieces and everyday items. You’ll also love their prices, some hand made items can be unaffordable but Mila Rose offers items from $12-$40 depending on the materials and level of detail.

You can purchase a headband of your own on their etsy store, at Bella Caley boutique, or visit them in New York August 5th and 6th when they will be featured at the famous Henri Bendel.

For more information on these two talented sisters visit their contact pages:
Mila Rose Blog

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Take time to slow down, and dress up"

I love the tag line of my new favorite online store, Sunday Brunch Dress, who tells shoppers to “Slow down, and dress up”, how true! We have such busy lives these days, rushing off to do everything that we’ve lost the ability to slow down our lives and take a little pride in our appearance.

If that’s not inspirational enough, their dresses will certainly give you that push you need. Offering brands such as Yoana Baraschi, Quail, Kloset and so much more Sunday Brunch Dresses combines fashion and art on their website. On their homepage they showcase one of their gorgeous offers and a piece of art, be it painting, charcoal, or pastel that reflects the style of the garment.

Their price point is definitely higher but they offer frequent sales, the Yoana Baraschi dress pictured here for example was $362 but is now a mere $181. I also suggest taking the time to read their blog as it shows how to incorporate their message into your life!

To shop for yourself visit:
And read more at:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Naperville Sidewalk Sales

This summers best weekend is approaching- so get your wallets ready! Starting tomorrow July 8th Naperville is hosting its annual Sidewalk Sale, with local vendors making some serious markdowns on their merchandise.

I’m eager to see the goodies that M2 Boutique, Twist Boutique, Le frou-frou, Bella Caley, and Saraboo Creek are offering at a deep discount, and it’s always a fun time to walk around and enjoy the weather.

Here is my suggestion for your weekend schedule:

Thursday- Set your alarm for about 8:30 am, get on your favorite summer dress and meet your girlfriends for breakfast at . As most vendors open at around 10, this will give you plenty of time to enjoy their absolutely amazing breakfast specialties and fresh squeezed juices. Then hit the shops on Washington and Jefferson to score some incredible deals and for lunch and drinks visit Hugo’s Frog bar to chat about your bargains and call it a day.

Friday is worth skipping- as there is no new merchandise and no different markdowns.

Saturday and Sunday are a must though, as vendors discount already marked down items and add more pieces to their sale rack.

Over the past few years I’ve found some incredibly discounts, a $315 free people sweater dress for $45 and Joe’s jeans for $50 making Sidewalk Sales a permanent spot in my calendar.

For More information visit Downtown