Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Local: Local Ginger

We all know I can’t get enough of local business, so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Local, a website that sends out offers once or twice a week with discounts at local companies. The best part about Local Ginger though, is that unlike some email bargain giants Local Ginger really is local and not just a nearby major city- they have deals for your specific ‘hood! I receive emails from Daily Candy (as we all do) but so many of their deals and events are in Chicago, which I live an hour away from, but Local Ginger has been sending me deals for places right around the corner from my house!

Currently they are offering a $30 gift card for $15 to this amazing looking bakery called Desired Confections a company that ships their deliciosities right to my door! Local Ginger has a similar set up at Groupon who require 30 or plus people to sign up to snag their deals but Local Ginger only needs 5, so almost every deal goes through. Last week they offered at $30 for $15 for a pizza place, and before that a $29 massage and a spa down the street from me. Yes you read right $29 for a massage! I know, now you want to know where to sign up, so here are their details:
Simply put in your email, plug in your city and start saving!
(side note, this is also a great way to advertise your business!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Etsy Find: Lewa's Designs

I’m currently redecorating my bedroom, and am going for a boutique-y chic feel to flatter my clothes horse tendencies. To achieve this look I’m painting my walls Pastel Jade from Behr paints and hanging up the black and white brocade curtains from my boutiques old location, but I feel like something was missing.

I decided I needed some wall art, and started looking for some fun decals and stumbled upon Lewa’s Designs on These are possibly the most fun decals I have ever seen in my life! She has something for whatever your looking for- from sweet birds for your baby room, mod dandelions, elegant damask shapes and even a chubby little panda to stick on your laptop!

I’m loving this spooky tree featured here, which she offers in 31 (believe or not) different colors. What’s incredible about these decals though, is that instead redecorating your entire space, you can purchase one of these decals that range around $50 and give your room a breath of fresh air. If you’re a decorating chameleon don’t fret! Lewa’s decals can easily be removed so you don’t have to commit to this stick on for life!

Seeing as you now desperately want one, get in touch with Lewa here:
To Shop:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love Local: V Fish Designs

At the boutique I work at we recently started carrying a new locally designed brand called V-Fish- and we can barely keep it in stock! As soon as we received our first shipment I fell in love- and I knew I had to share it with all of you!

V-Fish was founded by husband and wife Tal and Mandy Moise who wanted to offer chic yet comfortable items for women. With their main location in Lincoln Park, Chicago the duo also sells their collections to 360 boutiques across the nation and you can locate the store nearest you here.

Personally, I love the comfy casual designs and figure flattering styles. Each dress is made of a viscose and spandex blend, so you can wear it all day and feel as if your wearing your favorite tshirt. Another benefit of this material is that you can ball it up and shove it in the bottom of a suitcase or overnight back and slip it on days later without one wrinkle in sight- a must for any jetsetter.

The sleeveless v-neck style is one of my absolute favorites due to its versatility- wear it in the summer as is or throw a sweater and tights with it in the fall and your all set.

Learn more about V-fish
In store:
2937 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657
Over the Phone:
(312) 423-7839
Near you:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must See: Man Shops Globe

We all know my dedicated love to the Anthropologie lifestyle, so when I discovered their new show was available on OnDemand I jumped for joy. Shown on the Sundance channel “Man Shops Globe” is about Keith, one of the Anthropologie buyers, who searches the world to find unique items for Anthro and their galleries. Initially traveling to Australia Keith discovers a woman who creates cardboard art work, such as the chandelier shown here which was showcased in their gallery at the Rockefeller location. He then travels to Sweden and finds this adorable old woman who makes gnomes and explains “the gnomes, they live here, we are together”.

Being in the retail industry you’ll also love to watch his buying process, in the Sweden episode he explains that “being a buyer is also being an editor” which is so incredibly true and why Anthropologie is such a unique shopping destination. This show not only makes you want to stop into the location nearest you but it also sparks an urge to travel. The cinematography of each episode shows the destinations best features, in Australia the beautiful water and ocean is showcased and while in Sweden he shows the foggy roads in the morning and the gorgeous rich forests.

This show is without a doubt a must see.
if your are fortunate enough to have the Sundance channel you can watch it on
Wednesdays at 10pm.
If, like me, you don’t have this luxury channel you can catch up with
Comcasts OnDemand or watch it online at