Monday, May 30, 2011

Party: Kensie Grand Opening

This weekend at the Kensie outlet we hosted our grand opening party and celebrated with a sweet candy bar, DJ, and special markdowns on all our fabulous merchandise. We loved the buzz that the DJ created and all our wonderful customers had an aboslute blast.

Candy for everyone!

Above is Mari, our store manager, pretending to be the DJ
We also featured merchandise outside as the mall was having a sidewalk sale for the holiday weekend, and here is Mari and Whitney welcoming shoppers in.

All our associates, including Mari and I above, wore our favorite pretty Kensie outfits and even though the weather was crummy outside we had a blast inside.

If you haven't been to the outlet yet, stop by soon!



Ashleigh said...

Is that a 70% off sign??? I'm going to KILL my husband for not agreeing on an Aurora trip last weekend, especially after seeing this! Oh, how I begged but he kept throwing up this thing called a Budget & I was all 'whatevs, it's *KENSIE*!! :)

P.S. I know what you mean about Kristen's jewelry, I always seem to gravitate towards those same combos!

Juliana said...

Hi Ashleigh! It's an "up to 70% off" sign, we marked it all down for the holiday weekend but still come and visit because everything is still marked down!! And we get our new merchandise in tomorrow, so hopefully it will be out on the floor soon!

tiny dancer said...

Super jealous! I love the kensie brand .....It'd be waaay to dangerous for me to go to an event like that tho ;) Darling blog!


Fashion Me Chic said...

Nice blog. maybe we can follow each other?