Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eat: Meson Sabika

I LOVE Meson Sabika! It's the perfect summer restaurant, the mix of tapas fits everyones taste buds while the outdoor sitting lets you enjoy a warm summer night. Ryan, my dad and I went to enjoy the evening and I knew exactly the dress I wanted to wear, this was actually my graduation dress from high school but it might be my favorite item in my wardrobe.

When you go you have to order the Queso de Cabra- it's the best!

The great part of sitting outside is the atmosphere, there is a beautiful tree that comes up in the middle that makes it shady and comfortable. You really have to go at least once this summer!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Wear: Isn't it charming

The weather has turned slightly chilly which I'm actually coping with quite well, sometimes you need a break from dresses and spanx. I took today to wear an easy casual outfit, a soft safari shirt  and my favorite jeans but I spiced it up with two of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

This necklace my gram and gramps gave me, they picked the charms out individually so they all mean something special to me. There is an airplane, a hotel key, and an english phone booth for all my travel as well as a camera and a purse for my favorite passions. I love how meaningful it is, and I get so many compliments every time I wear it.

My other new favorite piece is this bracelet my mom just gave me for graduation, it was actually a piece she stumbled upon but each of the charms pertain to me. There is a B, a graduation cap, and even a turtle that bobbles his little head- so fun!

Shirt: Kensie | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity via Twist Boutique | Jewelry: gifted

Hope your all having an easy summer,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visit: Heritage Prairie Farm

On my day off the other day my mom and I decided to go to the Heritage Prairie Farm in La Fox, IL which we discovered through their CSA box. This certified naturally grown farm is really incredible, they grow a ton of fresh and local produce and are known primarily for their micro-greens. This do it all farm has a little Heritage Prairie Market, featured above, where you can buy their super delicious honey which they produce on site, as well as other unique natural products.

My favorite part of visiting the market though is seeing their sweet donkey and goat:

They also have these absolutely stunning peacocks, which my mom and I could have just watched all day- they are so beautiful and majestic!

You have to visit their website, the farm has lots of really great events and classes and you can even buy their honey online (which I suggest you do, and buy a lot of it because your family will go crazy for it).

I can't wait to go to their farm dinner tomorrow!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wear: Skirting the issue

I’ve always been a dress person, but this summer for some reason I’m really feeling skirts. Being able to mix prints and colors is just making me feel brighter, while maintaining my girly tendencies. I love the print of this Kensie tank, it came in a top and two styles dresses and it really took me an embarrassing long about of time to decide which one I wanted.

I wore this outfit to work and ended up throwing a short sleeve red sweater over my outfit because air conditioning drives me crazy! I commented to one of my Kensie girls that I felt like a second grade teacher in Crayola colors, and she laughed saying she never met a second grade teacher that dressed that fun. Maybe I needed a nice alphabet pin or something...

Have you noticed a change in my pictures? I now have Photoshop!! As a graduation present to myself I updated all my software so you all can enjoy the benefits of my days off playing on my new fancy shmancy computer.

Top: Kensie | Skirt: Tulle | Shoes: Clarks | Necklace: Thrifted | Watch: Kie&Kate Couture

Enjoy your summer!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Product Review: Life Stinks

I love beauty products, and I'm a sucker for great packaging so when my Whole Foods loving family stumbled upon the Life Stinks brand while getting our groceries we had to give it a try. Created by the Duggan Sisters, the hilariously named deodorant and soap is trying to change the face of the deodorant industry in a natural way. 

The all natural deodorant is a powder that you sprinkle on your hands then pat on your pits- and if your a real stinker you can rub their "stink stick" on first and then add the powder for some extra protection. I'm also really in love with their plain and tea tree soaps, normally all natural soaps leave your skin with a slick texture but not their Wash Up soap- it's awesome!

My whole family is in love with their products, and my super active yoga mum even said she noticed a difference right away and didn't smell at all after teaching two back to back classes. I love that you can sprinkle it in some of your closed toed shoes that get the funk when you don't wear socks!

Go visit their website here and click around making sure to read about their "Don't be a Boob" campaign- you'll learn so much and want to make the switch today!

Smelling sweet,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wear: Romping around

I’m so incredibly excited to be wearing a romper today! Let me start by saying that I’ve never been able to wear one pieces throughout my entire life- even as a baby my onesies wouldn’t stretch over my long torso. I tried this romper on at work as a joke actually, I didn’t think it would fit, but when I looked in the mirrorI I could have fainted in shock. 

The difficult aspect for me was how I was going to make it girly and feminine, because it’s rare for me to wear all black. To mix it up i paired it with a pink scarf, turquoise necklace, and funky wedges I got at a great price {got to love working retail} and when my feet felt like they would fall off I switched to some orange flats.

I don’t know about you dear readers, but I’ve been having a severe case of the doldrums- most likely due to the weather, but this outfit is picking me up for sure! There isn’t a cloud in the sky, I would love to have a yummy dinner outside!

Romper + Shoes: Kensie | Tank: H&M | Scarf: Gap | Necklace: Gift | Watch: Kie&Kate Couture


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shop: Favorite Things

This post I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite retailers, happy shopping!

My first item that I'm loving this month is this sparkly little messenger from Jane's Closet. It's from Deux Lux who always comes out with some sparkly numbers in their collections that always gets a big thumbs up from me.

These 70's inspired wedges available at Lady Eagle Rock are so fun! A mix of vintage style yet comfortable height, they add serious drama to and outfit at a really low price of only $44.

I guess I'm really feeling a 70's inspiration for summer, because I also can't stop thinking about this coral Eva Franco number from Sunday Brunch Dresses. It's a dangerous website to click around on because you end up wanting everything and feel a desire to empty your bank account.

I'm biased because the fabulous Alley Maranto was one of my teachers but her opal jewelry is so stunning everyone deserves a piece! I bought my sister a pair of her earrings for Christmas and they look so gorgeous regardless of what colors you wear them with or what light you're standing in.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Wear: Summer Shine

Well, in my last post I was all excited about dress season and now the sun has hidden itself under clouds causing me to pull on a dreaded pair of pants. The morning is still lovely though, I get to hang out with the boo before he leaves for Georgia again, and I get to show off one of my new Kie&Kate necklaces.

I’m really feelings ruffles this summer, so I decided to wear them two different ways here- the ruffled hem of the cardi and the layered ruffles of the top.  
I love this necklace; of course it’s a Kie&Kate necklace so while it’s a statement piece it isn’t heavy and really can be worn in so many ways! 

I got these heels at Nordstrom during a super sale for dirt cheap, I haven’t really found a chance to wear them yet but I was obsessed with the color. 
Sweater: J. Crew | Top: Kensie |Necklace: Kie&KateCouture
Pants: H&M | Shoes: Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom