Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Product Review: Life Stinks

I love beauty products, and I'm a sucker for great packaging so when my Whole Foods loving family stumbled upon the Life Stinks brand while getting our groceries we had to give it a try. Created by the Duggan Sisters, the hilariously named deodorant and soap is trying to change the face of the deodorant industry in a natural way. 

The all natural deodorant is a powder that you sprinkle on your hands then pat on your pits- and if your a real stinker you can rub their "stink stick" on first and then add the powder for some extra protection. I'm also really in love with their plain and tea tree soaps, normally all natural soaps leave your skin with a slick texture but not their Wash Up soap- it's awesome!

My whole family is in love with their products, and my super active yoga mum even said she noticed a difference right away and didn't smell at all after teaching two back to back classes. I love that you can sprinkle it in some of your closed toed shoes that get the funk when you don't wear socks!

Go visit their website here and click around making sure to read about their "Don't be a Boob" campaign- you'll learn so much and want to make the switch today!

Smelling sweet,

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