Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wear: Skirting the issue

I’ve always been a dress person, but this summer for some reason I’m really feeling skirts. Being able to mix prints and colors is just making me feel brighter, while maintaining my girly tendencies. I love the print of this Kensie tank, it came in a top and two styles dresses and it really took me an embarrassing long about of time to decide which one I wanted.

I wore this outfit to work and ended up throwing a short sleeve red sweater over my outfit because air conditioning drives me crazy! I commented to one of my Kensie girls that I felt like a second grade teacher in Crayola colors, and she laughed saying she never met a second grade teacher that dressed that fun. Maybe I needed a nice alphabet pin or something...

Have you noticed a change in my pictures? I now have Photoshop!! As a graduation present to myself I updated all my software so you all can enjoy the benefits of my days off playing on my new fancy shmancy computer.

Top: Kensie | Skirt: Tulle | Shoes: Clarks | Necklace: Thrifted | Watch: Kie&Kate Couture

Enjoy your summer!!


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