Saturday, August 13, 2011

Craft: Paper Quilt

Inspired by the colors in this outfit I decided to make a new piece of art for my bedroom, and came up with an idea for a paper quilt. Here is what you need:
-Paper: such as scrapbook paper, newspaper, magazine pages, anything goes
-Canvas or thick cardstock to adhere the circles onto
-Hot glue gun
-Mod podge: either matte or glossy, I prefer matte

 Start by cutting circles of some of your favorite printed and colored papers

Once you get a wide variety of colors and prints lay them out on the canvas or cardstock to get an idea of how you want to attach them, I stacked them so they would look like a quilt but you could lay them like fish scales too.

Then get glue crazy!

Your finished piece will look something like this:

Then paint on the mod podge, this will protect your finished piece.

Ta-dah! Now I won't lie, it took me all day to cut out those circles as well as a few blisters on my hands but it's worth it!


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