Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Support the Humane Society!

Look at that beautiful face!! That baby is 6 year old Jersey one of the loving little animals available for adoption at the Naperville Humane Society, which I visited recently to drop off a check courtesy of my generous sponsors.

That little eager beaver is Reggie, a 5 year old yorkshire terrier, who was so sweet and clearly wanted to play! If you are looking for a pet to love in the area- please, please, please visit your local Humane Society! The volunteers there are so friendly and loving but these pets need forever homes, and if you can't offer them a home donate a check or see what items they need.

That sleepy girl above is Evita who is a shy stray that was found with her three babies and needs a family to love her.

That photogenic cat is Slinky who is up for adoption with her brother Nerf who were playing around in kittyland- they are such a sweet pair!

Boo is a royal looking 6 month old who was dropped off at the Humane Society because her owner had allergies- give her a loving place to play and roam!

All these animals are available for adoption at the Naperville Area Humane Society

Please check out their website and facebook page or if you are interested in donating you can do so here!

If you would like to advertise your local business, etsy page, or studio you can learn more here

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