Monday, October 31, 2011

Wear: And it was all yellow

Cue the wind machine! I took these pictures on my break at work in our back alley way on the windy-est day yet this fall, excellent choice on my behalf. However I loved how the grey and yellow of the pipes played off the colors in my outfit, especially my Crayola tights.

Want to hear a hilarious story? One shoppers adorable little son reached out to grab my leg while she was shopping, much to her embarrassment, because he was learning his colors. It was really adorable- although I should stop wearing colored tights all the time, this is the second time that has happened!

Dress + Shoes: Kensie | Belt: Nordstrom | Tights: Kate Spade

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Molly said...

Discovered your blog on Refinery 29 today! Your outfit is fantastic, lady.

It's so nice to "meet" you. :)

A Foreign Land

Miss_Priss_101 said...

LOVE your post! I am giving away a ring on my blog!! Perhaps you would like to enter!!! :)

pjandhubby said...

love those tights! so adorable!!

Britt said...

Thanks everyone! I was so excited to be featured on Refinery 29- It's the best!