Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wear: Maximum Missoni

Happy October!!

It's my favorite month! I realized I'm a little late in posting my Santa Barbara pictures, so here is what I wore on the plane. And, why yes this is a sweater from the Missoni for Target collection, thank you for asking. My wonderful mother booked it over to Target the day it launched and got quite a great collection! Sweaters, tights, socks, all gorgeous and zig-zagged.

I'm in love with this outfit- it definitely won't be the last time I wear it. This maxi is so cozy but the detail of the sweater makes it less simple, because lets be honest I don't like to dress simply, haha!

What fall piece are you looking forward to wearing this fall?


Kristin said...

Love how you styled that cardi! Wish I had scored it. I managed to grab the flats and a scarf. : )

Delane said...

I scored zippo in the target missoni collection. I really like how you styled the cardi

Caley said...

I have that cardi too! Wore it on the first cool day after I got it. Love love. You rock it well!

downtownchicagobarbie said...

Love how you wore your sweater. Now following