Friday, November 18, 2011

Wear: Shop for versatility

So, it's cold out, way to cold out to take pictures without a jacket unless your a crazy fashion blogger.
I love this outfit though, I opened the box with this odd chiffon over-thing at Kensie and was so confused on how to wear it I had to call my corporate office for instructions! After receiving pictures and a brief explanation I was up for the challenge and purchased it for myself, and now it's one of my favorite pieces.

You can wear this three different ways: with sleeves and the belt in the back, sleeveless, or bloused with the belt behind your neck. I just like how versatile it is, buying it gives you three new tops in your wardrobe with just one purchase.

Top, slip, shoes: Kensie | Tights: Hue | Scarf, necklace: Kie&Kate Couture

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downtownchicagobarbie said...

I'm loving the scarf. I think to think in terms of versatile, because I hardly ever get the full use out of anything I wear.