Monday, October 31, 2011

Wear: And it was all yellow

Cue the wind machine! I took these pictures on my break at work in our back alley way on the windy-est day yet this fall, excellent choice on my behalf. However I loved how the grey and yellow of the pipes played off the colors in my outfit, especially my Crayola tights.

Want to hear a hilarious story? One shoppers adorable little son reached out to grab my leg while she was shopping, much to her embarrassment, because he was learning his colors. It was really adorable- although I should stop wearing colored tights all the time, this is the second time that has happened!

Dress + Shoes: Kensie | Belt: Nordstrom | Tights: Kate Spade

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Make: A Taste of Fall

When fall hits it makes the midwest a really magical place, the trees are warm, everything has a honey tint, and there is a special buzz in the air. This time of year always makes me want to bake, especially with pumpkin, so when Pilar of PJ & Hubby posted this pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe I knew I had to make it for myself! 

The only difference I made was instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips I used dark chocolate chips, but I was also thinking a combination of white and dark chips would be great for Halloween.

When Pilar made them they didn't spread out a lot so I was able to fit quite a few on the pan.

I'm eager to bake some more- what recipes do you suggest I try next?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wear: Inspired by Avatar

I love the colors in this dress, it's perfect to wear with lots of different tights! I have to admit though, when I was at work and walking through the mall I was getting tons of odd looks. It could have been my glamazon heels, yes, but one of my Kensie Girls said it had to be my Avatar legs, and for the rest of the day the girls were referencing my Avatights- loved it!!

Dress + Shoes: Kensie | Tights: Target | Bag: Kate Spade

As I'm writing this post I'm also realizing my birthday is on Wednesday! Holy cow this month has flown by, what is on your last to do list for October?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wear: Back Roads

So I need to start this post with a confession, it's a high of 77 degrees today and this is what I'm wearing to work. I can't help it! I just love fall- sweaters, boots, scarves- I love my layers!

I wasn't kidding before when I said I will probably wear this sweater everyday, good thing I have it in three colors.

Aren't you jealous that I get to drive past this pretty bike path everyday on my way to Aurora? The forest is really alive right now with rich mustard, burgundy, and olive. How can you not love the midwest?

Sweater, Dress, Bag: Kensie | Scarf: Twist Boutique | Leggings: Alternative Apparel | Boots: Bakers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wear: Rich Royals

Fall colors inspire me to really play around with pieces I may not put together. These rich royal colors fit right into place with the rich greens of the trees, I feel like I repeat myself in every post but this time of year is my happiest time!

What's so wonderful about living in Illinois is that there are so many forests and little nature parks hidden everywhere. This is a bike path I pass near downtown Naperville, the light hits it just right, I've been wanting to take pictures here for a while.

Look at how stunning it is! Where are your favorite haunts for the fall? 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wear: Warm Reds

The leaves are starting to change here and it creates such a sense of magic! It makes you want to drink chai lattes, listen to A Fine Frenzy, and make hearty stews. I love this time of year, it really makes you feel alive.

It's been a  really nice fall here in Chicagoland- there are days cool enough to wear thick sweaters and boots, and ones warm enough to wear jeans and short sleeved pieces. Love it! I wanted to make this a transition outfit so I wrapped a summery scarf on top of a fall sweater, transition outfits are some of my favorites for sure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Support the Humane Society!

Look at that beautiful face!! That baby is 6 year old Jersey one of the loving little animals available for adoption at the Naperville Humane Society, which I visited recently to drop off a check courtesy of my generous sponsors.

That little eager beaver is Reggie, a 5 year old yorkshire terrier, who was so sweet and clearly wanted to play! If you are looking for a pet to love in the area- please, please, please visit your local Humane Society! The volunteers there are so friendly and loving but these pets need forever homes, and if you can't offer them a home donate a check or see what items they need.

That sleepy girl above is Evita who is a shy stray that was found with her three babies and needs a family to love her.

That photogenic cat is Slinky who is up for adoption with her brother Nerf who were playing around in kittyland- they are such a sweet pair!

Boo is a royal looking 6 month old who was dropped off at the Humane Society because her owner had allergies- give her a loving place to play and roam!

All these animals are available for adoption at the Naperville Area Humane Society

Please check out their website and facebook page or if you are interested in donating you can do so here!

If you would like to advertise your local business, etsy page, or studio you can learn more here

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wear: Custom Butterflies

How stunning is this dress! I was contacted by eShakti to showcase their products on my blog- and honestly it took me about two days to decide what I wanted! They have such a unique collection of products for women of every age and body type- every woman can shop on

I picked out this dress because I love the vintage styling- a longer hemline, sleeveless, and great neckline make it feel very unique. The print is so gorgeous too- we all know I love my butterflies!

If you dodn't like the hemline of the skirt eShakti will make any item custom for you! Need something shorter or longer? Do you have monkey arms like me and need a longer sleeve length? Then you need to shop with eShakti, you can give them your personal measurements and they will alter anyone of their items for you.

Dress c/o eShakti
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Preview
Handbag: Cole Haan
Earrings: Kie&Kate

Shop eShakti's website now to find your favorite new wardrobe staple!

Visit their website, facebook page, and twitter!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shop: My favorite things (October)

Well it's the start of fall, my favorite season, and I'm sick! Bummer city, but I decided to take this time of rest to update you on my favorite things for this cozy time of year.

1. Lace Dress from Bella Caley, $132

Lace is the biggest trend this fall, it's lady like and girly- two of my favorite qualities! I would pair this dress with navy or maroon tights and a pair of edgy suede wedges to glam it up.

2. Ava straight leg by Citizens of Humanity from Twist Boutique, $176

I actually just bought these this past weekend, they are a classic straight leg that you can wear with flats or tuck into boots and this dark wash is ultra flattering.

3. Lafayette Cross Body Bag from Stella and Dot, $148

Did you know Stella and Dot was branching into handbags? They are fantastic! I really love chain straps because they add edge to any outfit, and the messenger style is so popular for fall- this is the perfect bag!

4. Beige Agate Faceted Stone Necklace from Wendy Maves, $42

My Naperville readers probably remember Thirty-Six boutique (where I got my first retail job!), which was owned by the incredible Wendy Maves. Well, did you all know she has started selling her jewelry on Etsy? Get excited!! Her gorgeous pieces can now be shopped from the comfort of the couch- let the compliments begin!

What are your must haves for fall?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wear: Maximum Missoni

Happy October!!

It's my favorite month! I realized I'm a little late in posting my Santa Barbara pictures, so here is what I wore on the plane. And, why yes this is a sweater from the Missoni for Target collection, thank you for asking. My wonderful mother booked it over to Target the day it launched and got quite a great collection! Sweaters, tights, socks, all gorgeous and zig-zagged.

I'm in love with this outfit- it definitely won't be the last time I wear it. This maxi is so cozy but the detail of the sweater makes it less simple, because lets be honest I don't like to dress simply, haha!

What fall piece are you looking forward to wearing this fall?