Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Look Back: 2011


2011 was a quiet month for me, Ryan moved to Albany, GA so while I was sad I was so proud that he was able to land such a great position right out of school. I relish this time though- it was my last real "break" for 2011- after this my life started moving at top speed!


So, I have no idea what happened in February. I have no Facebook pictures posted in this month and no blog posts- so I must have been living under a rock. One great thing that happened though is my sister and her fiance Dave got engaged- that was definitely a highlight this year.


I started my job search in March because I knew I wanted to have a job upon graduation, but my parents surprised me with a weekend trip to Florida to visit my grandparents. Ryan was able to come and he and I went to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter land- so awesome! And we went to Margaritaville, which is one of the happiest places on earth in my opinion.
(And Ryan and I do more than just drink cocktails- no matter what these two photos might say).


This was a big month for me, I started my new full time job and the days were jam packed. I worked as an assistant store manager and on my days off I had full days of school working on my business plan and portfolio. It was so exciting starting at Kensie, we opened the store so the position was so hands on unloading boxes, hiring, and merchandising- it really was a perfect first job for me. Also, Ryan and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas- which was awesome and we can't wait to go on another one!


Photo Credit: Andrea of Blonde Bedhead

While working and being in school I didn't have much time for a social life in May, however my friend Amanda and I took a break from the crunch time of school and went to Kate of Kie&Kate Couture's jewelry party. I know I talk about her jewelry a lot on my blog, but her pieces really are so fun.


In June I became a college graduate- with honors!! This meant so much to me, I've never been that interested in school, but I'm so passionate about working in the fashion industry that I really applied myself. I've learned so much in school and in my careers and graduating made me realize how lucky I am with the experiences I've had in my life.

(To see my portfolio click here)


Now that I was done with school I focused on frequent posts for my blog and working hard as Assistant Store manager, I was learning so much from the store manager that I really enjoyed going to work everyday.


What a fun month August was! I attended my first Chicago Blogger Meet up and met some truly inspiring women and got pumped to improve my blog. Ryan and I went with his family to Hilton Head, SC (it was my first time) and we had such a blast. I got to meet his mom's whole side of the family while enjoying sometime in the sun.


This was another month that I really buckled down on my blog, I was promoted at work to store manager but I wanted to stay connected to my readers and this creative outlet. I also won a local apple pie bake off with my sisters recipe (1st place best filling, 2nd place best overall pie- thank you very much). Finally I went to California with my family to visit my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins which was so much fun. We rented a beautiful home and the weather was just perfect, it couldn't have been a better trip.


October  is always my favorite month and this year was no different! I visited Ryan in Albany, I turned 22, I offered advertising on my blog to donate to the Human Society, and I was featured on Refinery 29 twice! I also love the weather in October, it's chilly enough to wear sweaters but not super cold.


In November I loved spending time with family and friends, I visited Ryan in Champaign, went out with my coworkers for Sadie's birthday, and spent time with family. Isn't that what the holidays are all about? I think so.


Finally the wrap up of the year, again spent with family and friends and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Here is to another great year! LOTS of big changes are headed my way for 2012- I can feel it in the air!

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