Monday, January 30, 2012

Wear: Shadow Dancing

Shirt, sweater, leggings, + boots: Kensie | Socks + tank: Nordstrom
Necklace: Wendy Maves

This outfit is so unusual for me, primarily black, with army boots? Where is the full skirt? Where is the color? But with the grey skies ahead I'm really feeling this relaxed vibe.

How much do you love my necklace? This is the one I bought on Etsy from one of my fabulous mentors, Wendy Maves, who owned the first boutique I ever worked at and designs really incredible jewelry. Visit her Etsy shop here, she really has something for everyone- from simple to bold Wendy has you covered.

In sad news though, we closed Kensie on the 25th and my last day with the company is tomorrow when we finish packing up and cleaning the store. I have to say that I LOVED every minute of working for such an incredible brand. The people were so driven and have such a clear focus of the brand image, I'll miss my job but I'm excited for where it's going to take me.

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