Monday, April 2, 2012

Wear: The Popularity of the Peplum

Top: Anthropologie | Skirt: eShakti | Shoes: Clark's

Near our apartment is this cute little town called Providence where the houses look straight out of the movie Stepford Wives. This adorable little town also has a really beautiful nature walk that the sun hits just perfectly, although it was packed with dog walkers and made photo taking incredibly awkward. On another note, I love this trend of peplums for spring- they really enhance your figure, I'm so glad they were all over the award shows this spring. If you want to pick up this style top for yourself Anthropologie just put this one on sale.

As for life in the south- I'm loving it! It's so great being able to see Ryan every day, my job is so rewarding, and Huntsville is a really beautiful place to live- it's great to photograph!