Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scotland's Isle of Skye

Skirt: Anthropologie | Top: Kensie | Necklace: Riffraff | Shoes: Born

So I've never been to Scotland, but if all windows look out on a scene that looks like this skirt then I'll happily pack my chunky sweaters and sip some strong black tea on the plane. Sorry for the wrinkles, it's hard to take pictures after a long day of working, and when I saw the sun setting I knew I had no time to steam!

I just realized that my birthday is exactly one month from today, the big 2-3! It's hard to believe as when people ask how old I am now I still have to think about it to make sure I don't say 21. 23 is a kind of grown up age, you don't have any giant mile stones like getting your driver's license or buying alcohol ahead of you any more, just responsibilities "le sigh".

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