Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspiration: September

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I'm so excited for September!!! In celebration I've been filling up my Pinterest boards with black and white gamine looks with splashes of orange and gold. Much to my mothers dismay I'm also thinking of getting straight across bangs, and right now I can promise she's shaking her head since I'll run to her crying about how my hair will never grow back. I just love the frenchie feel of Zooey and Elsie's bangs with stripes (look at their classic style)!! This years bangs will be different, I can feel it!

September also brings such a feeling of excitement and possibility, chilly weather lets you layer, you can sip on fancy coffee drinks, and get inspired by fall color. I'm anxiously counting down the days to pack up these summer dresses and layer on some wool!!

Fall always pulls me back to this blogging world,